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The other, shorter, better Colo. GOP primary guv debate

The Twittersphere hosted an alternative that featured alter-ego (mock) versions of the candidates and of righty radio show host Peter Boyles, who acted as moderator. Fun!

The tragic return of Terry ‘Col Birther’ Lakin

He is the medal-winning former Army doctor from Greeley who became a hero to "birther" conspiracy theorists like Denver radio talker Peter Boyles when he refused to deploy to Afghanistan, demanding to see his commander-in-chief's birth certificate. Lakin didn't get to see any birth certificate. He was court martialed, stripped of his rank, salary and pension and hauled off to Leavenworth. After six months in prison, he is coming home. His supporters are trying to organize a rally to greet him at the airport in Baltimore, where his wife and three children live. As Salon's Justin Elliot reports, the Lakin saga is perhaps the most tragic story so far to "emerge from the birther carnival."

Terry ‘Colonel Birther’ Lakin supporters launch action week ahead of trial

In the wake of this month's historic GOP electoral gains, supporters of "Colonel Birther" Terry Lakin are launching a national drive to demand lawmakers...

Boyles says photo of Tancredo as illegal alien is ‘funny’

The Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition on Monday came out against what they called an “inflammatory” and “crude” picture promoted by 630-AM KHOW talk show...

Boyles posts sexist video, says he’s looking for trouble

On KHOW's Peter Boyles Show today, Boyles decided to jump on board the latest viral video by posting a clip that has been called...

Poundstone says Maes has ‘no cojones’ over mortgage payment

Republican candidate for Colorado Gov. Dan Maes demanded on KHOW's Peter Boyles Show Monday that host Boyles stop "the nonsense with Freda Poundstone." After...

‘Are you kidding me?’ Boyles issues his Tancredo-hater list

In his most recent Cherry Creek Chronicle column supporting Tom Tancredo, Peter Boyles not only takes a pitchfork to Dan Maes, who has called...

Hickenlooper defends Denver against ‘sanctuary city’ charges

Democratic candidate for governor John Hickenlooper defended himself last week against mounting accusations from Republicans that, as mayor, he has run Denver as a so-called sanctuary city, where illegal immigrants are directly and indirectly protected against federal immigration laws and possible deportation. It's a charge that has gained traction in the weeks since Arizona lawmakers passed a controversial suite of immigration laws and as the move to remake federal immigration policy in Washington heats up.

King doubles down on Obama as racist, mocks Gardner as spineless

Iowa Congressman Steve King came to Colorado this weekend and, in appearances on the ground and on the radio, rallied support for Arizona's controversial immigration laws and reinforced an argument he made earlier in the week that President Obama is a racist. At a small gathering in Loveland on Saturday, he said Obama had placed race at the center of the debate over immigration as a way to invalidate Arizona's new laws.

Boyles, Veeder wrong about Foster sex offender bill

Yesterday on KHOW's Peter Boyles show, Boyles guest Greig Veeder, executive director of a group called No Known Cure, said that a new House...
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