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Colorado county joins national trend, no longer majority white

It has been anecdotally evident for years that the nation's population is becoming less white. In certain parts of the country, we're reaching a tipping point.

Pew study: Few see women as better leaders

This election season seen numerous charges of sexism regarding Senator Hillary Clinton and Governor Sarah Palin, and a recent study shows that gender does indeed play a significant role in public perception of leadership ability.

PEW: Youth-Driven Demographic Shift Moves the Electorate Left

A new report by the PEW Research Center confirms what rising primary turnout is already telling us: there is a huge demographic shift approaching...

New Projections Foresee Soaring Foreign-born and Latino Populations

A new report by the Pew Research Center projects dramatic demographic shifts by mid-century. New population projections portend a demographic transformation of the United...
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