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Obama taps energized Boulder supporters for crucial last-stretch turn-out-the-vote drive

BOULDER-- In a speech that alternated between conversational asides and full-throat exhortations, President Obama rallied roughly 11,000 supporters at the packed Coors Event Center on the University of Colorado campus here Thursday. It was the latest but not the last scheduled event in the high-intensity swing-state get-out-the-vote effort his campaign here has orchestrated for the final short stretch to Election Day next week.

Primary election stats suggest GOP youth-voter catastrophe will continue

Low turnout among youth voters for the Republican Super Tuesday primary contests suggests the GOP is making a major strategy misstep this year, analysts told the Colorado Independent. They said that Republican campaign messages to young people are mostly absent, weak or a turn-off and they called youth outreach efforts uninspired. They said the party looks to be continuing a disastrous trend sure to be exploited in the general election by President Obama, the man whose candidacy drew out young people as voters and volunteers in record numbers in 2008.

Child poverty in U.S. highest among Latinos

Latino children ages 17 and younger represent a disproportionate share of children living poverty in the U.S., according to a Pew Hispanic Center report released last week.

Decrying ‘photocopy journalism’, news watchdog spotlights Denver TV station merger

The sprawling greater-Denver metro region is in news-media crisis. In the information age, when there seems to be more and more to know, there is less and less being reported by the diminishing number of local mainstream news outlets here. So it comes as little surprise that media watchdog organization FreePress this week is highlighting the Denver news market as a negative example for the nation. The organization reports that, on top of shrinking newspaper reporting, the local TV news market is host to a "severe" form of the kind of sly consolidation that media corporations have been effecting across the country for nearly a decade. FreePress says this "covert consolidation," where direct ownership is never transferred, is gaining momentum and that it skirts federal ownership laws and erodes market variety and competition.

Frank Rich: the internet as a ‘workaround’

Prominent New York Times columnist Frank Rich this Sunday wrote about Americans' fickle interest in international news. As political and social events unfold everywhere but here, we don't recognize the players and we know almost nothing beyond what we can see happening before our eyes. The protesters are on the bridge! The protesters are still on the bridge! Rich laments the near-blackout of cable news station Al Jazeera English due to U.S. Islamophobia. He's right about all that and right to be mad as hell about it, too. Then he starts talking about the internet.

News biz tail-spinning toward a public option

A new Project for Excellence in Journalism Pew study confirms what we all know: Journalism is a labor-intensive skilled trade that no longer pays,...

GOP doomed by hopeless devotion to Palin

The results of a Pew survey on the "favorability of leading Republicans" published Wednesday suggest that across the general population impressions of Mitt Romney have improved while Sarah Palin remains a "divisive figure." Among the GOP base, though, there's only love for Palin. She is the star. Which means that if the nation was holding a Republican primary today, Palin would be the winkin' and blinkin' GOP candidate for president! Palin-Penry 2010, everybody!

In Midst of Divisive Immigration Debate, Latinos Feel the Pinch, New...

Increased public attention on illegal immigration and ramped up enforcement measures are taking a toll on Latinos in the U.S. A new report from...

Latinos Find No Refuge in Either Party, Report Finds

The latest report from the Pew Hispanic Center confirms that Latino voters are leaning Democratic. But it may also reflect a general sense of...
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