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Wiretap: The Trump-Corker Twitter war reveals what GOP pols think of...

Another Trumpian Twitter war, this time with GOP Sen. Bob Corker, does the unexpected: It reveals some essential truth. In a Sunday morning duel,...

Littwin: Peyton Manning’s Super Bowl storybook ending

Of all Peyton Manning's many remarkable career statistics, this one may be the most remarkable of them all: When Manning inevitably announces his retirement sometime...

Littwin: John Elway’s storied promise to Peyton Manning

  Because this is sports, and in sports - unlike life -- anything is possible, John Elway probably believed what he said when he was...

Wiretap: Avoiding an anti-abortion government shutdown

Shutdown slowdown Abortion bills are moving forward in both the Senate and the House. Can a budget showdown be far behind? There seems to be...

Wiretap: The cloudy reporting of French jihadism

It's a story of jihadism born in a Paris park and fueled in the prison yard. Many were just teenagers in 2005 when the...

Wiretap: Killing American exceptionalism, the conservative way

Is American exceptionalism over? Maybe and, if so, Peter Beinart argues conservatives who blame Obama should look to themselves.

Krieger: A stunning Super Bowl self-destruction

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. — The Super humbling of the highest-scoring team in NFL history began on the first play from scrimmage.

Krieger: Yay for brilliant Broncos cornerback Champ Bailey

Bailey is one of the best cornerbacks in history. Yet, a thoroughly unscientific poll on KOA earlier this season on the five greatest Broncos saw Bailey finish 23rd.

Littwin: Lucky Guv Hickenlooper loves the Manning effect

John Hickenlooper has lucked out again. And for that he can thank -- just as we all can thank -- Peyton Manning.

Krieger on the Broncos: A super mawkish true sports story

Sportswriting so often succumbs to the mawkish. If Kevin Costner wrote this script — for himself, naturally — you’d roll your eyes.
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