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Bipartisan phone survey: Majority of Westerners prefer renewable energy

A phone survey of 2,200 registered voters in five western states, including 600 in Colorado, found that a majority of western voters think the amount of their state’s electricity being produced by renewable energy sources should “dramatically increase,” even if it means paying more on their utility bill.

Phone survey results on gas drilling fly in face of Maes,...

Poll after poll, survey after survey, Coloradans continue to say they have serious reservations about the “drill, baby, drill” method of economic recovery. But still, Republicans and former Republicans on third-party tickets continue to run on regulation-roll-back platforms.

GarCo phone survey kicks off another contentious gas patch election

Automated phone polls, anonymous mailers, big-bucks campaigning by shadowy outside interest groups – not the typical tactics of a local county commissioner race. But when it’s the top natural gas-producing county in the state, rules bend and get chucked out the window.

New survey finds overwhelming support for FRAC Act in Salazar’s CD3

U.S. Rep. John Salazar, already taking heat of late for his no vote on the Waxman-Markey climate change bill, may also be hearing it...
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