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Wiretap: Mother’s Day would be happier if America took care of...

Unhappy holidays Hope you had a happy Mother's Day. Now imagine, Ezra Klein writes, how happy it might have been if America really cared about...

News Poem: ‘To Live in this Cemetery’

is to see the paradox of what we are / the fragile iron of our blood

News Poem: #15

Breathless, we are auspicious / food for another god. I assure you.

News Poetry PSA: Mark Fischer Poetry Prize

Fans of The Colorado Independent’s news poetry series will be interested to know that a $1,000 award out of Telluride is currently accepting submissions by West-of-the-Mississippi poets.

News Poem: ‘Third and Long’

On any given Sunday/ The brain within its groove/ Runs for daylight -/- Makes its move

News Poem: The Gardner

On Colorado’s eastern plains, / betwixt fields of wheat and corn, / in the field rat’s and the grouse domain ...

News Poem: ‘A Seat for Everyone’

And you were never a child, correct?

News Poem: ‘Belongings’

A two-year-old child survived by clinging to a ladder.

News Poem: ‘Birds of the Flood’

In the morning, the dog puked after lapping from a puddle. / He refused a bowl from the tap as if he knew better.
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