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#Coleg Notebook: The cycle of poverty meets the cycle of smoothie

The Cycle of Poverty The Colorado House debated a series of poverty-related bills on Monday. First, lawmakers passed a ban on using Electronic Benefit Cards...

Wiretap: Paul Ryan will cure poverty with his binder

Paul Ryan is back with his hammock theory on poverty -- that the war on poverty is lost and the big government programs make everyone poorer.

Catholic politics, power dynamics highlighted in Colorado funding flap

The political tug-of-war waging within the U.S. Catholic Church made headlines in Colorado this month when the Church's Campaign for Human Development threatened to pull tens of thousands of dollars in support from Durango-based immigrant-rights group Compañeros.

Number of American poor higher than previously thought

The U.S. Census Bureau’s alternative Supplemental Poverty Measure — “a new measure of poverty to complement the official measure,” released this week — shows that 49.1 million Americans were poor in 2010, “more than the 46.6 million using the official definition of poverty.”

On-shore oil drilling booms in U.S., some areas of Colorado

On-shore oil drilling in the United States is at its highest level since the Reagan administration in 1987, according to the Baker Hughes Rig Count – an industry tracking service. That same national boom is also occurring in Colorado, according to state officials, who point to a flurry of new drilling permits and active wells in Weld County.

Child poverty in U.S. highest among Latinos

Latino children ages 17 and younger represent a disproportionate share of children living poverty in the U.S., according to a Pew Hispanic Center report released last week.

One in eight Coloradans living in poverty, according to census

Poverty has increased substantially in Colorado and across the country, according to preliminary state Census Bureau figures released today. Roughly one in every eight Coloradans was living in poverty in 2009 and 2010, including 192,000 Coloradans who fell into poverty since 2000.

Women’s Law Center: Record number of women in extreme poverty in...

According to analysis by the National Women’s Law Center of the 2010 Census information, “record numbers of women were living in poverty — and extreme poverty” in 2010.

Swalm, done offending poor on the House floor, takes to the...

State Rep. Spencer Swalm seems intent to inflame these days, tossing out provocative bon mots on the House floor, in committee hearings and on...

Miraculous Scores Involve Caring, Not Magic

One of Bernadette Lopez’s friends asked her if she was using witchcraft. The third grade teacher at Denver’s Beach Court Elementary School laughed it...
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