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Colorado news outlets got some ‘breathing room’ with federal relief PPP...

Colorado news organizations were among millions of businesses nationwide that accepted federal money to help weather a financial battering from the COVID-19 pandemic. Data released...

Colorado gay rights campaign tapping into fast-growing support

OneColorado announced some of the leaders lining up behind its Why Marriage Matters campaign, including relatively high-profile figures such as Denver Rep. Rhonda Fields and former Speaker of the House Terrance Carroll.

Coloradans like civil unions, legal pot, Udall

Results of a recent survey (pdf) bolster evidence that Coloradans by a wide majority support same-sex civil unions. The news comes in the wake of a standoff at the statehouse last month in which House Republicans killed a bill that would have established civil unions here. The pollster, Raleigh-based Public Policy Polling, tied the data on civil unions to the fact that the Republican Party in Colorado seems to be steadily losing support.

Romney gains in Colorado but losing big among crucial voting blocs

A recent survey of Colorado voters shows likely Republican Party presidential nominee Mitt Romney making slight gains in the state, mostly among unaffiliated voters, but still trailing Pres. Obama overall, and especially among young people, women and Latino voters.

Poll: Wide support in Colorado for same-sex civil unions

For years, credible surveys conducted among Colorado voters have found opinion in the state swinging strongly in favor of legal relationship recognition for gay couples. Results released Friday by North Carolina-based Public Policy Polling show the strongest support yet. Coloradans, according to a poll conducted last week (pdf), support a civil unions bill presently being considered by the state legislature by a whopping 30-point spread.

Poll: Obama swamps Romney among youth, independent, Latino voters

As prominent Tea Partiers desperately urge Republican lawmakers and Republican presidential primary voters to move further to the right, President Obama is racing ahead among independents. Public Policy Polling, delivering results today from its first national poll (pdf), reports that Obama leads GOP presidential frontrunner Mitt Romney by a solid five points and that he leads Romney by a whopping 41-point spread among moderate voters.

Colorado Dems do the math: What you can get with Romney’s...

The Colorado Democratic Party is blasting mega-millionaire Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney for the flippant $10,000 bet he proposed to rival Rick Perry during the nationally televised candidate debate Saturday. The awkward proposal, coming amid an historic jobless recession where voters continue to lose their homes and their livelihoods at extraordinary rates, was exactly the kind of bumbling reflexive move that playwrights and novelists love: a toss-off act that gives away the game. State Democratic Party Chair Rick Palacio has done some math and has come up with a short list of "what $10,000 gets you in Colorado."

Poll: Colorado GOP move toward Gingrich a sure 2012 loser

President Obama is not a popular politician in Colorado but, according to a recent Public Policy Polling survey, Obama would defeat in a landslide Republican Newt Gingrich, whose star has risen of late but who boasts laughable negative numbers with voters here and is despised by the state's enormous percentage of independent voters.

Poll: Perry already leading among Colorado Republican voters

Texas Governor Rick Perry announced he was running for president on Saturday but Colorado Republicans have been eagerly looking forward to the news, according to Public Policy Polling. Perry tied long-running candidate Mitt Romney for the top spot among Colorado GOP voters surveyed by PPP the first week of August. Perry polled way out in front of controversial Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, who won a much-watched Iowa straw poll last week, rivaling Romney's status as front runner.

New poll, same message: Coloradans strongly favor equal rights for gay...

Survey results released by Public Policy Polling this week underline broad support in Colorado for some form of legislation that would grant gay couples equal partnership rights. Although Republican members of the House Judicial Committee last year quashed a popular civil unions bill, PPP found that even among Colorado Republican voters, support for civil unions-style legislation is now nearing 60 percent.
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