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Natural gas now a major player in any federal energy bill

Less than two hours after President Obama suggested in a post-midterm press conference that Republicans and Democrats could find common ground on proposals to develop the country’s natural gas resources, Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune underscored environmentalists’ love-hate relationship with the fossil fuel. He said gas, abundantly available in Colorado, isn't he cleanest form of energy -- but it's a lot cleaner than coal.

Kennedy slams media on public policy failures, lack of energy reform

With President Barack Obama Wednesday saying the GOP takeover of the U.S. House officially puts a fork in comprehensive climate change legislation, an interview...

Resurgent GOP to get tough on immigration, but change unlikely

During his campaign for the presidency in 2008, Barack Obama made the now-broken promise to Latino supporters that he would pass comprehensive immigration reform in his first year as president. But in remarks to the press on Wednesday, after Republicans took control of the House and won back several seats in the Senate, talk of immigration reform was noticeably absent.

Waak says Salazar still in play in CD3 as vote counting...

Colorado Democratic Party Chair Pat Waak says the 3rd Congressional District race between Republican Scott Tipton and incumbent Democrat John Salazar is still in...

Obama on Daily Show praises Markey for taking ‘tough votes’

President Barack Obama Wednesday told the Daily Show’s Jon Stewart that he hopes Democrats who took the tough votes on health care reform, reshaping...

Anti-Obama billboard comes down, but animosity on rise

The billboard may be gone, but the ill will it engendered is lingering statewide. The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel reported that a billboard by a...

Anti-Obama billboard tolerated despite ‘twisted dictatorship’

An anti-Obama billboard put up Monday in Grand Junction has been called everything from “racist” and “homophobic” (Mesa County Democratic Party Chairwoman Martelle Daniels)...

Former Sen. Hart, climate experts urge ‘aggressive’ action by Obama

Former U.S. Sen. Gary Hart, now a Wirth Chair professor at the University of Colorado-Denver, is part of a group of climate change policy experts urging President Barack Obama to act aggressively on the issue in the wake of the U.S. Senate giving up on passing a comprehensive climate change bill this session.

Obama, likely reacting to polling, endorses Bennet on teleconference

On a town-hall style press conference call Tuesday night, President Barack Obama joined Sen. Michael Bennet to present his reasons Democratic voters should choose the incumbent Democratic senator as their candidate over former state Speaker of the House Andrew Romanoff in Tuesday's primary election.

Denver school risks right-wing ire in seeking Obama commencement visit

Some Coloradans were sent into a fury over fears of socialist indoctrination when Pres. Obama recorded a video to be shown at public schools...
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