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Littwin: Does Trump have a plan to defeat democracy?

I know that it's way, way, way too late to try to do any serious deconstruction of a Donald Trump performance, but, like Trump...

Debate highlights by Mike Littwin— 140 characters at a time

https://twitter.com/mike_littwin/status/785280968034689024 https://twitter.com/mike_littwin/status/785287013750546432 https://twitter.com/mike_littwin/status/785287350851022849 https://twitter.com/mike_littwin/status/785289218775879680 https://twitter.com/mike_littwin/status/785289694263160832 https://twitter.com/mike_littwin/status/785292284803682304 https://twitter.com/mike_littwin/status/785292688916570112 https://twitter.com/mike_littwin/status/785293164349317120 https://twitter.com/mike_littwin/status/785293747839918081 https://twitter.com/mike_littwin/status/785295618956603395   https://twitter.com/mike_littwin/status/785307278706487296 Photo by Esther Vargas for Creative Commons on Flickr.

Presidential debate night with Mike Littwin

Tonight at 7 p.m. Mountain time, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will face off in the year's second presidential debate. Last time, when Trump's biggest obstacle was...

Littwin: Clinton won. Trump stunk. Does it matter?

The night went exactly as Hillary Clinton had hoped and, yes, planned (we'll get back to the  planned aspect of the night, because it...

LIVE DEBATE COVERAGE: Caldara and Littwin on Clinton and Trump

What could we at The Colorado Independent possibly do to capture both the absolute absurdity and the critical importance of tonight's opening-round debate between Donald Trump...

Littwin: Hillary Clinton blasts gun-violence, forcing the debate in 2016

It's a rare occasion when anything significant actually happens during a presidential campaign, so you might want to note the date. All it took...

As Texas blazes roar, Udall says Colorado not yet out of...

Despite the recent round of wet weather in Colorado – including some snow above 12,000 feet – Colorado politicians and fire officials warned fall can be one of the most active seasons for wildfires.

McCain will put “country first” at debate

The Obama campaign today sent out a "memo" to reporters on "John McCain’s plan to 'whip' 'That One’s' 'you-know-what.'" They quote three separate pundits saying McCain needs a game-changer tonight, and imply he'll go after Obama's connection to "terrorist" Bill Ayers. I don't think so. I think McCain's read the same polling as everyone else, and he's chosen to go out with as much dignity intact as he can manage at this point. I expect a solid performance from McCain, but I don't expect a nasty, negative "game-changer."

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Debate tips from Karl Rove, earpiece not included

Karl Rove and I both used to work full-time in politics, but now we both mostly just write about it. Rove, however, has had far more success in all of his ventures, so when he shares his thoughts on how John McCain and Barack Obama should handle themselves during the debate on Friday — I listen.

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Can Twitter and Current TV spice up the presidential debates?

An interesting idea (and far more appropriate than liveblogging a toddler's funeral) from the Center for Independent Media's youth vote correspondent, Mike Connery at Future Majority.com: I've written in the past about how the upcoming presidential debates seem to be stepping back from the viewer-participation models we saw in the primaries. Well Current TV and Twitter are trying to (somewhat) alleviate that. The two participatory media properties are looking to join forces to give viewers (somewhat) more of a say when Obama and McCain square off.
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