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McCain-isms sink debate performance and likely the election

Neurotic. Sycophant. Know-it-all. That's the devastating post-debate verdict on John McCain's performance by political communication analyst Jeffrey Feldman at Frameshop.

Colorado voter focus group: Obama won the debate

A poll of 50 undecided Colorado voters that gauged participants' like or dislike to Barack Obama and John McCain during the second presidential debate showed the performances gave Obama a bump in favorability.

Dial test, fact check the McCain-Obama debate from your living room

NPR is attempting a nifty experiment using the micro-blogging service, Twitter, to instant fact check and rate John McCain and Barack Obama's comments from the comfort of your own home. If you want to join in, include the hashtags #factcheck and/or #dialtest in your tweet.

    Palin Bingo: ‘Wait, did she say Job Creation or Creation Science?’

    Sure, the fate of the Free World could hinge on Joe Biden's ability to be nice — but not too nice, that would be patronizing! — and Sarah Palin's ability to complete a sentence, but that doesn't mean debate watchers need to approach the spectacle as seriously as the campaigns have. Gather some friends, uncap your markers and settle in for a game of Palin Bingo!

    Veep debate moderator Ifill: The show must go on

    TV Newser reports that Newshour co-host Gwen Ifill fell and broke her ankle at home while prepping for the vice presidential debate.

    Debate08 Twitter feed

    Catch the latest "tweets" discussing, analyzing and fact checking the McCain-Obama presidential debate from Ole Miss: display_tweme_list(tweme_data, "tweet-list", true); Join the Twitter conversation by adding...

    McCain’s Southern-style ‘mission accomplished’

    Sun Tzu says in The Art of War that every battle is won before it is fought. Declaring victory before battle, well, that's a whole other thing altogether, but that's exactly what John McCain's campaign did this morning. According to Chris Cillizza at the Washington Post, McCain began running website ads in the Wall Street Journal reading, "McCain Wins Debate!" along with another ad featuring a quote from Fannie May and Freddie Mac lobbyist his campaign manager Rick Davis, "McCain won the debate—hands down."

    Read more of Jeff's commentaries: • Debate tips from Karl Rove, earpiece not includedFree Sarah Palin from the media blackhole In craven political move, McCain suspends campaign over economic crisis

    An Analysis of the Republican Presidential Debate

    I was a plebe when it came to Republican debates and FOX News, so when I watched the presidential debate held in South Carolina...
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