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Littwin: The White House may be in crisis, but at least...

In case you missed it, everything just got worse. Much worse. In the latest round of stories fresh from the Times v. Post blockbuster exchange,...

Bush grants clemency to 20, including Parker man for counterfeiting felony

He didn't pardon Dick Cheney, but President Bush almost certainly brightened the holidays for 20 federal criminals Tuesday afternoon when he handed down 19 pardons and commuted one sentence in the latest round of presidential mercy. Among those winning clemency from Bush — including the usual bunch of moonshiners and drug offenders — was a Parker man who pleaded guilty to felony counterfeiting charges in 1995.

Bush pardons biggest turkey of all

With all the feather-ruffling this year about Thanksgiving turkey pardons — and Thanksgiving week presidential pardons — it's easy to miss the true spirit of the holiday. The Onion News Network takes a giblet-eyed view of this year's presidential turkey pardon

Bush pardon for eagle-killer doesn’t mean open season on the birds

When President George W. Bush issued 14 pardons on Monday, one stood out in the list of cocaine dealers and bank fraudsters — a Missouri farmer who was convicted more than a decade ago of killing bald eagles.
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