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Federal judge orders Weld County sheriff to protect health of jail...

A federal judge Monday ruled the treatment of inmates in the Weld County jail during the COVID-19 pandemic violated constitutional protections against cruel and...

Leaving a halfway house can land you in prison. That could...

In 2010, Jenny Chestnut said she was found guilty of shoplifting and sentenced to serve three years in a halfway house in Greeley. After...

Colorado clergy demand lawmakers end legal slavery. Huh?

Clergy members are celebrating a new bill to nix a law that allows slavery to be used to punish convicts. Slavery has been abolished in the...

Op-Ed: Unique’s fight for justice and a place to call home

Trans people are being killed at alarming rates. In detention. In the streets. In their homes. And we aren’t paying enough attention.

Lawmaker will seek to abolish solitary confinement for mentally ill prisoners

State Sen. Jessie Ulibarri, D-Adams County, is sponsoring a bill to find alternatives to the use of so-called administrative segregation for prisoners who have been diagnosed with one of a wide array of serious psychological disorders.

Florence inmates plead guilty to race-riot beating

Dirk Horne refused to participate in a race riot at the high-security U.S. Penitentiary in Florence in April 2008. As a result, he was...

Staffing new prison a ‘daunting task’ in faltering economy

While Colorado has begun construction on a new 320-bed super maximum security prison, public officials are still wondering how it will be staffed adequately under a sluggish economy and a statewide hiring freeze.

‘Super jail’ fiesta a prelude to Colorado’s new federal detention facility?

The for-profit prison firm the GEO Group celebrated the grand opening of its new, 1,500-bed federal detention center in Texas last week with a joyous bash featuring camouflage-clad guards and a mariachi band, providing a possible hint about a similar lockup that the corrections business is planning to open up in the Denver area by 2009.

Union, McFayden: More Prison Staff Needed

Dem Rep. Buffie McFayden of Pueblo and members of the American Federation of Government Employees Local Union gathered yesterday at the Florence Correctional Complex...
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