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Obama Admin, NSA won’t tell Udall how many Americans being spied...

For years, Colorado U.S. Senator Mark Udall has been seeking and failing to gather information on counter-terrorism laws that allow the government to spy on Americans without obtaining warrants.

Seattle Times calls out Amazon as tax-dodging bad corporate citizen

The Seattle Times editorial board sits literally across the street from Amazon.com headquarters. It has watched the famous online retailer grow and grow and grow. Today the newspaper editors call out their neighbor for the "slick strategy" it has adopted in dodging sales taxes "all across America." The company is "the internet's widest and deepest source of products," the editors write, "which makes it too big to be excused from its obligations." It's a sentiment sure to be shared among the Colorado lawmakers who tried and failed last year to begin collecting sales taxes on Amazon purchases made in the state.

Is Real ID Really Going to Happen?

Our Washington Independent colleague Matthew Blake reports that the 2004 Real ID Act was set to kick in yesterday, May 11. Yet, the new...
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