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One year ago, The Denver Post editorial page launched an uprising...

This week last year, Denver became ground zero in a new narrative about the role of private equity in late-capitalist newspaper decline. It was in...

Fracking waste often not disposed of properly

Oil drilling has sparked a frenzied prosperity in Jeff Keller's formerly quiet corner of western North Dakota in recent years, bringing an infusion of jobs and reviving moribund local businesses.

New study indicates that fracking poses substantial risk to water

A new study has raised fresh concerns about the safety of gas drilling in the Marcellus Shale, concluding that fracking chemicals injected into the ground could migrate toward drinking water supplies far more quickly than experts have previously predicted.

New fracking rules loaded with loopholes

Published with permission of ProPublica.

Last week several media outlets obtained the federal Bureau of Land Management's draft of proposed rules requiring fracking companies to disclose the chemicals they pump into the ground. Such disclosure requirements have been championed by environmentalists for years and were endorsed by President Obama in the State of the Union, but critics say the rules may not go far enough.

Koch family feud finds common ground in funding for Tipton

Billionaire industrialists Charles and David Koch don't often see eye to eye with youngest brother Bill. On at least two things, though, they share common ground: A love for Colorado and an eagerness to fund Rep. Scott Tipton's campaigns.

Funny as a frack job: New music video pokes fun at...

A new music video called “My Water's On Fire Tonight (The Fracking Song)” by David Holmes and journalism students at New York University’s Studio 20 is making the rounds after being posted on the Pulitzer Prize-winning website ProPublica this morning.

ProPublica: Officials say EPA has no rules for use of diesel...

Oil and gas industry lobbyists in Colorado still have not commented to The Colorado Independent on the results of a congressional investigation earlier this week that revealed more than 32 million gallons of diesel fuel had been used in hydraulic fracturing operations in 19 states, including 1.3 million gallons in Colorado.

U.C. Denver looking to rewrite rules for docs taking drug company...

The University of Colorado Denver is rewriting policies meant to prevent conflicts of interest between drug companies and faculty members and doctors working at its teaching hospitals. The move comes in response to reports published last month detailing how U.C. professors and doctors were pulling down big money on speaking tours paid for by major drug companies such as Eli Lilly, Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer. U.C. Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs Richard Krugman said the speeches amounted to marketing for the companies. Doctors, some of whom were paid in the six-figure range, reportedly underwent training provided by the drug companies, spoke on topics chosen by the companies and worked off company power-point slides in their presentations.

DeGette, Polis ‘fracking’-disclosure camp up against big-money opponents in Congress

Colorado Democratic U.S. Reps Diana DeGette and Jared Polis are leading supporters of a move to force natural-gas drilling companies to disclose the chemicals they use to blast gas out of the ground in an increasingly controversial process called "fracking." The two lawmakers were joined Thursday by 46 members of Congress in sending a letter to Interior Secretary Ken Salazar asking him to back a proposal in which the Interior Department would require disclosure of all materials used in fracking operations conducted on public lands. The DeGette and Polis bloc faces strong opposition in Congress and, turns out, their main opponents are pulling down large donations from oil and gas companies.

Newsrooms shrink, mediums change, faces stay the same

Richard Perez-Pena , who writes on the news business for the New York Times, posted a Martin Luther King Day piece on the vetting...