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DeGette calls out GOP on abortion strategy

Colorado US Rep Diana DeGette, head of the pro-choice caucus, characterized the discussion as an absurd extension of one that has been going on for fifteen years. She said the bill is being positioned by supporters as a ban on federal funding for abortion but what it really aims to do is make abortions for a large segment of the country effectively illegal.

DeGette sounds alarm against attempt to strengthen anti-abortion conscience clauses

MSNBC host Chris Matthews this week asked Colorado Rep. Diana DeGette, head of the congressional Pro-Choice Caucus, about how the anti-abortion bills introduced as a top priority in the Republican-controlled House might affect Americans should they become law. DeGette said that, from the perspective of women's health care, the bills are "riddled with little land mines."

DeGette leading defense against House GOP assault on abortion rights

Colorado Representative and head of the Congressional Pro-Choice Caucus Diana DeGette is surprised to find herself doing heated battle on a number of fronts in the war over abortion rights this early in the year. This session of Congress was supposed to be about jobs and the economy, she has said, but the new Republican majority right out of the gate has gone full steam ahead with two bills aimed at expanding restrictions on federal abortion funding while, outside of Capitol Hill, conservative media activists have launched an attack on Planned Parenthood, using cut-and-paste undercover videos to spur Congress to slash all federal aid to the organization.

Lamborn joins anti-abortion bloc to introduce Protect Life Act

Colorado Republican Congressman Doug Lamborn was one of 50 House members sponsoring a bill that aims to further limit tax dollars from paying...