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Porn protesters push the weirdness envelope at the DNC

On day 3 of the DNC, it’s official: we’ve seen it all on the protest front. An organization calling itself Stop Bird Porn marched on Denver’s 16th Street Mall Wednesday, warning people that “bird watchers are voyeurs who seek vicarious sexual gratification in the woods” by observing “God’s defenseless creatures mating.”

DNC protesters use bullhorns to spread hate

It’s been a battle of the bullhorns this week in Denver. Protesters from all walks of life and all points of view are walking up and down 16th Street Mall making sure their message is heard by everyone within a two-block radius. From anti-war activists to the Official Street Preachers who spew hateful remarks about gay and lesbians, non-Christians, children, basically anyone who is not a born-again Jesus lover.

Recreate 68 trains DNC protesters

Organizers from the group Recreate 68 held a protester training in Civic Center Park Aug. 23 on the fine art of drum circles, legal observer skills and self-defense techniques.

Denver Mayor’s Office Speaks On Police Equipment For Dem Convention

The Denver Police Department is using taxpayer money to buy new security equipment for the Democratic National Convention in August, and according to the...

Attorneys Hold ‘Know Your Rights’ Training for Democratic Convention

Throughout the week attorneys will be conducting training to teach prospective demonstrators protesting at the Democratic National Convention in Denver how to react to...

Denver Police Stocking Up For Convention, But Won’t Disclose Equipment

The Denver Police Department is using taxpayer money to buy new security equipment in preparation for the Democratic National Convention in August but is...

Protesters Commandeer DNC-Friendly Web Sites

Terming it a "lack of foresight" on the part of the Democrats, a group of Colorado activists have snagged a half-dozen 2008 Democratic National...
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