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A Colorado reporter finds criminal evidence— in a landfill

This story is something else. First the background: Fremont County law enforcement have been working on a cold case murder of a 17-year-old girl who was shot near Cañon...

Radio version of Independent’s Koch brothers story has aired on more...

A radio version of The Colorado Independent's story Monday on the Koch brothers influence in environmental politics has now been aired on more than 400 radio stations in more than 30 states. The radio story was produced by Kathleen Ryan for Public News Service.

Immigration reform good for workers, tax collectors and sheep

Public News Service Colorado notes a new report that immigration reform could help workers, give a boost to local and national government coffers, and even help with Colorado's surplus of shaggy sheep.

Radio follow-up on layoffs urges focus on own family

The member-supported Public News Service picked up our story on the Focus on the Family layoffs of 20 percent of their workforce coming right after spending more than a half-million dollars to quash gay couples from marrying and becoming legal families in California. So far more than 20 radio stations in Colorado have picked up their report, about our report.
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