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Coloradans favor banning assault weapons, high-capacity magazines

Poll results released late Wednesday by Public Policy Polling reported Colorado voters favor banning assault weapons, with 58 percent supporting a ban and 35 percent opposing. Those survey results are supported by results released the same day by Quinnipiac University, The New York Times and CBS, which reported that 58 percent of likely Colorado voters also favor a national ban on high-capacity clips and magazines.

Coloradans like civil unions, legal pot, Udall

Results of a recent survey (pdf) bolster evidence that Coloradans by a wide majority support same-sex civil unions. The news comes in the wake of a standoff at the statehouse last month in which House Republicans killed a bill that would have established civil unions here. The pollster, Raleigh-based Public Policy Polling, tied the data on civil unions to the fact that the Republican Party in Colorado seems to be steadily losing support.

Romney gains in Colorado but losing big among crucial voting blocs

A recent survey of Colorado voters shows likely Republican Party presidential nominee Mitt Romney making slight gains in the state, mostly among unaffiliated voters, but still trailing Pres. Obama overall, and especially among young people, women and Latino voters.

Obama opens double-digit lead over Romney in Colorado

A poll released today by Public Policy Polling shows that President Barack Obama has widened his lead over Romney substantially in Colorado.

Santorum could take two of three today

Saying it has the potential to be "the most significant day in the Republican race yet," Public Policy Polling Director Tom Jensen said late Monday night that former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum is poised to win in Minnesota and Missouri tonight, while possibly taking second in Colorado.

Romney expected to easily carry Colorado GOP caucuses

According to recent polling by Public Policy Polling, Mitt Romney looks primed for another big win in Colorado. He leads Republican voters in the state with 40% to 26% for Rick Santorum, 18% for Newt Gingrich, and 12% for Ron Paul.

Coloradans support civil unions 76-23

According to a poll conducted last week by Public Policy Polling, Colorado voters narrowly favor making same-sex marriage legal and favor legalizing civil unions by a more than 3-1 margin.

Hickenlooper is the second most popular governor in country

According to a poll released Thursday by Public Policy Polling, Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper is the second most popular governor in the country. Also, according to the poll, if an election were held today Senator Mark Udall would cruise to victory.

Poll: Colorado GOP move toward Gingrich a sure 2012 loser

President Obama is not a popular politician in Colorado but, according to a recent Public Policy Polling survey, Obama would defeat in a landslide Republican Newt Gingrich, whose star has risen of late but who boasts laughable negative numbers with voters here and is despised by the state's enormous percentage of independent voters.

PPP: Perry rides tea party, anti-science wave to front of pack...

As if to prove Colorado College political science professor Bob Loevy is correct when he says the current presidential nominating process gives too much power to fringe groups in small states, Rick Perry is riding a strong anti-science sentiment to the lead in Iowa polling. He also leads Republican contenders in Colorado.
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