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Pace says Tipton refuses to debate

Colorado Third Congressional District Challenger Sal Pace issued a press release today, calling out Republican Congressman Scott Tipton for his apparent unwillingness to debate him.

Hotline: Wadhams backing Anuzis in RNC chairman race

In the race to elect the next Republican National Committee Chairman, Colorado GOP leader Dick Wadhams has reportedly thrown his support behind Saul Anuzis, who was state party chairman in Michigan from 2005 to 2009. Gimlet-eyed observers might call the endorsement sympathetic: Anuzis struggled with losses similar to those presided over by Wadhams in the last three years. Under Anuzis' leadership, Michigan Republicans lost two Congressional seats and their majority in the state House.

Survey finds racial disparities under anti-foreclosure program

Black homeowners are roughly 50 percent less likely than whites to receive help under the largest of the administration’s anti-foreclosure programs, according to a new survey of qualified families.

Inserting race into the election? It’s all in your head

A psychological study finds there is substance to what black art campaign operatives have attempted to do in driving race as a wedge issue with voters.

Affirmative Action Measure Could Make ’08 Ballot

Conservatives from Colorado and out-of-state lined up Monday to announce a push to put an anti-affirmative action measure on Colorado's ballot in 2008. From...
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