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Wiretap: Judge slams revamped travel ban, and Trump considers going back...

A federal district judge in Hawaii issues a ruling blocking Donald Trump's revamped travel ban nationwide. Trump calls the new ban a "watered down"...

Wiretap: Now we’ve seen two pages of Trump’s 2005 taxes, but...

Rachel Maddow's show gets the scoop by revealing Donald Trump's 2005 tax returns, or two pages of them anyway. And the story? Trump used a...

State GOPers put distance between themselves and Lamborn remarks

  "I know better." "There's no room for that." "He's an embarrassment." Those are some of the phrases with which state Republicans are putting space...

Littwin on Senate-CIA spat: This time, no one is fleeing to...

The CIA-versus-Dianne Feinstein and Mark Udall story has got everything -- lying, stealing, bullying, spying, mendacity, audacity, betrayal and, of course, because it's 2014, hacking.

Morse on Giron: She’s Plain Crazy about Pueblo

Colorado Democratic state Senate President John Morse speaks his mind and has endured no end of pains recently as a result. But it's a refreshing quality in a lawmaker -- a Colorado tradition that might include Morse, as well as two current, long-shot Republican candidates for governor: state Senator Greg Brophy and notoriously great interviewee, illegal-immigration scourge and former Congressman Tom Tancredo.

Colorado lawmakers prepare to address voter ballot issue raised by Gessler

DENVER-- Depending on whether or not related legal action restarts in US district court here, Colorado lawmakers plan to take up the question of which voters county clerks will be required to mail ballots to in future elections.

We need your help

Controversial anti-gay minister Bradlee Dean and his evangelical band/ministry You Can Run But You Cannot Hide International (YCR) are suing American Independent News Network senior reporter Andy Birkey, and are threatening to also sue our site The Minnesota Independent.

VIDEO: Gilbert Ortiz portrayed as national voting rights hero on Rachel...

When it rains, it pours, and when a reporter finds a good story, they don't let go. MSNBC's Rachel Maddow seems to have found a good story in Colorado. This week, she ran her third segment on Secretary of State Scott Gessler's efforts to stop county clerks from mailing ballots to inactive voters.

Paid Sick Days campaign ‘outraged’ by Gessler lawsuit against Denver

The Campaign for a Healthy Denver said today it is "outraged" that voters most affected by a lack of paid sick days could be prevented from voting on Initiative 300, a measure to allow all Denver voters to earn sick leave.

Scott Gessler is making a name for himself

It is rare that a Colorado Secretary of State makes the news. Correction: It used to be rare. Scott Gessler has a gift for drawing attention to himself and his office. This week, he's been featured on Rachel Maddow's national television show, written about in The Wall Street Journal and editorialized against in The Boulder Daily Camera.
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