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Denver police take the Olympic gold in rambling racist rantings

Just as the Denver Police Department is getting ready to rumble — rolling out its brand new pepperball launchers and other riot toyz, the newsweekly Westword has pulled a dusty video out of some basement vault showing a 1979 recruiting class being berated by a commanding officer as “niggers,” beaners,” “greasers” and “homos,” demanding Jewish recruits ID themselves and questions women on their promiscuity. The shocking video, nearly 20 minutes long, may be old, but it doesn’t exactly promote the Mile High City as forward thinking at a particularly crucial moment.

Limbaugh Muses About DNC Race Riot, Local Radio Pimps Itself

While Rush Limbaugh backpedals and his "dittohead" fans defend the "White Christmas" parody musing about race riots during the Democratic National Convention, Denver conservative...

Like Obama, Groff Strives to Transcend Race

Peter Groff made history Wednesday the way Barack Obama is trying to. Offering a message of unification, inspiration and spirituality, Groff introduced himself as...

Anti-Immigrant Push Polls Ignore Reality

The surveys continue to arrive, even though proponents of nativism succeeded in killing comprehensive immigration reform in Congress months ago. The surveys usually come addressed...
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