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Wiretap: Surprise: Donald Trump’s tax plan doesn’t take on the rich

Big plans Remember when the Donald was promising to go rogue and use his tax plan to take on the rich? Good times. Hook, line, sinker And guess...

Nader smashes campaign record, and not the one you think

Barack Obama wasn’t the only presidential candidate setting records over the weekend. AP news is reporting that, in a day that made the candidates of both major parties look lazy, independent candidate Ralph Nader delivered 255 minutes of speeches to 21 Massachusetts communities on Saturday.

The Cosmic Starship Enterprise Prez Inauguration Ball

We've heard so much about Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and John McCain that our eyes are rolling around in their sockets. And now...

It’s Easy Being Green, Unless You’re Nader

Four potential Green Party presidential candidates are vying this this year. But the Green's most famous past candidate, Ralph Nader, isn't running, at...
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