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Gardner raises $1.4M; $1.2M in first month of Senate race

Cory Gardner's $2.1 million in the bank still trails Sen. Mark Udall $5.9 million cash on hand.

Udall raised $2M in 1st quarter for Senate race

Candidate fundraising will be only part of the picture, with outside groups expected to spend tens of millions on Colorado's competitive U.S. Senate race.

Storify: Saturday’s county assembly roundup

Some June 24 primary races are just now heating up, while others are nonexistent after Saturday's county assemblies.

On the Stump: Cory Gardner, GOP U.S. Senate candidate

Making his first run at statewide office, the 4th District congressman is introducing himself to voters and attacking big government and "Obamacare."

On the Stump: Randy Baumgardner, GOP U.S. Senate candidate

State Sen. Randy Baumgardner makes his case for a higher Senate.

Reanimated Colorado abortion bill fuels anxious opposition

Colorado lawmakers today will consider a bill that would ban abortion, even in cases of rape and incest and make it a Class 3 felony for doctors to perform the procedure.

Waiting for the shakeout

There are people in Big Money Republican circles eyeing campaign races around the country. So far, they don’t see anything worth spending on in swing-state Colorado

Baumgardner step-family background check bill comes with backstory

It was a 30-year-old High Standard nine-shot nickel-plated revolver with imitation pearl handles and it was lying on a shelf in a hallway closet. Then it was gone.

Udall tied, Hillary down; Colorado Dems smash into swing-state pendulum

If the polling news was good for John Hickenlooper Wednesday, it's bad a day later for Mark Udall and even worse for Hillary Clinton.

Beauprez still eyeing run at Udall

The Republican field assembled to unseat U.S. Senator Mark Udall in this year's midterm election is already crowded, which is the polite way to describe it.
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