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Senate committee passes bill to stop pre-employment credit checks

Monday evening the Senate Judiciary Committee approved Senate Bill 3, the Employment Opportunity Act, sponsored by Sen. Morgan Carroll, D-Aurora. The Act prohibits pre-employment credit checks that some companies use to screen candidates. Sponsors of the bill say such credit checks can prevent people with low credit scores from finding employment. The bill passed 4-3 on a party line vote.

Ranked voting will be on the ballot in Fort Collins

Advocates from across the political spectrum officially launched a campaign this week to radically change how Fort Collins elects city officials.

Colorado immigration bill will die today

Colorado supporters of an Arizona-style immigration bill say they will pull the bill this morning before it comes to a vote. As reported by The Durango Herald, even Republicans feared the bill was unconstitutional, and Democrats said it wasn't needed in Colorado anyway.

McKinley’s baffling animal rights bill succumbs to protest campaign

DENVER-- A complex bill apparently intended to strengthen animal protections in Colorado inspired contradictory interpretations and sparked a storm of protest this week. Sponsored by self-proclaimed cowboy and animal lover, Walsh Democratic Representative Wes McKinley, the bill sought mostly to set up new animal control rules and stiffen requirements for animal control personnel. Although detractors agreed with many of the bill's provisions, they said in remaking some of the rules, particularly those concerning impounding homeless dogs, the bill would end up in steep and unnecessary increases in euthanasia. A push to amend the bill failed. HB 1124 (pdf) was put down on a second reading in the House Friday afternoon.

Add environmental woes to digital TV conversion problems

Delaying the digital television conversion may help confused, procrastinating viewers but what's to become of all those old TVs, loaded with toxic electronic components, that are being traded in for splashier DTV screens?

Know Your Legislator: Randy Fischer

Democrat Randy Fischer is a freshman legislator who will represent the 53rd House District in Larimer County, formerly congressional candidate Angie Paccione's seat.  He's...
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