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Wanderlust: Randy Udall, 61, dies on solo backpacking trip

Randy Udall was many things to many people — an environmental activist, champion of renewable energy, member of a western political dynasty and mountaineer. He was found dead this week in Wyoming’s Wind River Range.

Chevron giving up oil shale research in western Colorado to pursue...

Chevron is giving up its experimental oil shale lease in Western Colorado. The company is one of only three companies holding a federal lease to research oil shale development in Colorado but officials say they would rather pursue other projects.

Foes cite oil shale’s environmental uncertainty, while industry laments regulatory waffling

As predicted, testimony at Wednesday’s House Subcommittee on Energy and Mineral Resources oil shale field hearing in Grand Junction produced more industry hand wringing over federal regulatory uncertainty and environmental push-back over an unproven energy source.

Mountain rural electric co-op flips to ‘supermajority of progressives’

The director of sustainability for Aspen Skiing Company on Monday trumpeted the results of a rural electric association board election that saw the local co-op flip to “a supermajority of progressives who support clean energy and energy efficiency, stable prices and fiscal prudence.”

Rural electric co-op election in Vail, Aspen area sparks huge candidate...

An unprecedented nine candidates are running for two seats on the board of Holy Cross Energy, a rural electric co-op with 55,000 members on Colorado’s Western Slope. Its coverage area includes two of the biggest players in the nation’s ski industry: Aspen and Vail.

Mines prof says Obama, Salazar stalling on oil shale the way...

Dr. Jeremy Boak, a leading expert on oil shale technology at the Colorado School of Mines, says the Obama administration is dragging its feet on oil shale production in the United States much the way the Bush administration stalled on climate change policy. “It’s curious to hear the same sort of arguments being made by this administration that were made by the Bush administration for not doing anything on climate change,” Boak told the Colorado Independent. “We’ve got to have all the answers before we can move.”

Lawmakers at odds on competing oil and gas severance tax amendments

State lawmakers and energy experts are hotly debating a pair of dueling oil and gas severance tax questions on the Nov. 4 ballot, with even some Republicans divided on Amendment 52, which is being touted by conservatives as an alternative to Gov. Bill Ritter’s Amendment 58 tax hike.
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