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Poll: Wide majority of Americans now favor legalizing pot

According to a Rasmussen poll of 1000 adults conducted May 12 and released last week, American voters favor legalizing marijuana by a margin of 56 percent to 36 percent.

Something stinks in the climate change debate

No wonder global warming has Al Gore so hot under the collar. His harangue against climate change deniers induced a frenzy of conservative chest-pounding last week wherein Fox News and the usual suspects swore his scatological sermon must be a symptom of dementia. They went on to spew the same misleading memes the ex-vice president decried in Aspen.

PPP’s Jensen says poll methods in Colorado vindicated by past success

Public Policy Polling this week released survey results that showed likely 2012 voters in Colorado mostly held congressional Republicans to blame for the unpopular debt deal reached in Washington and that they so far strongly preferred President Obama to any likely Republican rival. Critics of the survey howled that left-leaning PPP had skewed the results by oversampling Democratic voters in the state. Yes, PPP surveyed more Democrats than it did either Republicans or Independents, all pretty much registered to vote in equal numbers in the state, Director Tom Jensen told the Colorado Independent, and that apparent oversampling is driven not by pollster ideological bias but by the self-selecting pattern established by Colorado citizens polled-- and, he said, that's why PPP numbers have been proven highly reliable over the last two elections.

Hickenlooper still leads big as Tancredo surpasses Maes

Denver Democratic Mayor John Hickenlooper leads the Colorado gubernatorial race by 21 points, according to a Rasmussen Reports poll released Tuesday. But more surprising,...

Rasmussen: Buck, Bennet tied; Hick holds big lead

Republican Weld County District Attorney Ken Buck and Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet are in a virtual tie in the race for U.S. Senate in...

Poll finds tea party numbers up, public opinion down

The number of people who say they are part of the tea party movement or know someone who is appears to be increasing, according...

Rasmussen ranks Colorado top tea party state

Thirty three percent of likely voters in Colorado consider themselves members of the tea party, the largest percent of self-identifying tea partiers in any...

Colo. GOP chief Wadhams missed chance to target Reid in Nevada

Colorado Republican Party chief Dick Wadhams denied rumors recently that he was leaving the state to head a Nevada campaign to unseat U.S. Senate...

Rasmussen, the only poll that matters to Republicans

Last week, as they’ve done every week for nearly two years, New Jersey-based Rasmussen Reports cycled a question about Congress into its nightly political tracking poll. Over two nights, around 1000 voters (they must be voters, or say they are, to be included in the poll) were asked by an automated, voice-activated pollster whether they they would support a Democratic candidate or a Republican candidate for Congress, were the election held today.

Obama ekes out lead in Colorado after conventions

A Rasmussen poll released Monday evening shows Barack Obama reclaiming the lead among Colorado voters. The Democrat leads Republican John McCain 49-46 percent in the crucial swing state, host to the Democratic National Convention and a record-setting speech by Obama at Denver's Invesco Field.
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