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Xcel admonished by state but wins $128 million rate hike

The Colorado Public Utilities Commission late Friday afternoon approved a $128.3 million increase in Xcel Energy electric rates that will go into effect Jan. 1. The Minnesota-based, investor-owned utility – Colorado’s largest power supplier – had originally sought a $180 million increase, which was whittled down to nearly $136 million in a settlement with two consumer groups.

Colorado AG files complaint seeking $100M cut in Xcel rate hike

The Colorado attorney general’s office filed papers today asking Xcel Energy to cut more than $100 million from a proposed rate increase of $136 million, according to documents filed with the Colorado Public Utilities Commission last week.

Xcel Energy lops nearly $44 million off rate-increase request

Xcel Energy Thursday filed for state approval of a settlement with consumer groups in its ongoing rate case before the Colorado Public Utilities Commission...

Xcel seeks nearly $180 million rate hike to cover coal-fired Comanche...

Xcel Energy’s rate-case hearing before the Colorado Public Utilities Commission runs through the end of the week, with some wags saying the state’s largest...