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Dogma-free Doug Dean waxes on El Paso conservatives

How cute is this? The Colorado Springs Gazette ran a story this week about the fact that a few short years ago El Paso County lawmakers held the majority of leadership positions in the Legislature, but now they’ve got just one. They quoted former House Speaker Doug Dean surmising that maybe the folks from the Springs are viewed as just too far right, too strident, too out there, for leadership. This is the same Doug Dean who went into the Legislature vowing to chemically castrate sex offenders and left the Legislature chasing his girlfriend down the street in the middle of the night wielding a screwdriver?

Ray Powers: A rich life, a dying breed

Former Colorado Senate President Ray Powers was a conservative and a gentleman and a bona fide kingmaker in the rough-and-tumble Republican politics of El Paso County. It never struck anyone as strange or unrefined that the most important political fund-raisers in the area — drawing some of the highest office-seekers in the land — were held in a barn on the Powers’ ranch on the plains. Powers, who never went beyond the eighth grade and graduated to a life of principle and flair, died on Friday. He was 79. Read more about Powers' extraordinary life.

Mark Waller Has Shinpads, Will Challenge Bruce for Statehouse Seat

Mark Waller is a conservative Republican and an Air Force officer reservist who in 2006 spent five months prosecuting insurgents in Iraqi courts with...

When All Else Fails, Douglas Bruce 86’s The Media

Back in the day, there were only a handful of reporters who could claim membership in Douglas Bruce's official "I Will Never Talk To...
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