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With JeffCo recall looming, Americans for Prosperity organizes for “school choice”

Regardless of the outcome of the recall… That was the mantra repeated on Sunday by the politicians, school board candidates and conservative education reformers attending...

Recall-backed Jeffco school board candidates skip conservative forum

The conservative majority on Jeffco's School Board defended its record at a candidate forum Monday night, while the candidates vying to oust them played...

Terry ‘I’m still sheriff’ Maketa denies making handoff difficult for successor

  El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa survived a recall effort waged against him earlier this summer and is set to ride out his term,...

Recall-prone El Paso County fails in effort to oust embattled sheriff

There was a flash and a bang and then… that was it. Embattled El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa narrowly dodged a recall effort...

Much drama over bills on fracking, abortion, labor rights, recalls, red-light...

Notes from the big 100th day of the 2014 legislative session.

Bloomberg-backed gun control movement ‘Everytown’ kicks off in Colorado

If the NRA's line is "They're coming for your guns and only you can stop them," Everytown's rally cry is "Guns are coming for your children and only you can protect them."

Senate works to keep military bases open; House to employ veterans

Notes from the 99th day of the 2014 legislative session.

House passes budget; Senate passes recall election reform and voter fraud...

Notes from the 80th day of the 2014 legislative session

Election reform all the way down

Recall by mail gets initial approval in Senate The Senate took up SB 158 today, a bill to bring recall election law into concordance with...

Joshua Spivak on Colorado’s proposed recall election reform

Stung by the recalls of two state senators last September, Colorado Democrats are carrying out an age-old tradition – trying to revamp laws about recall elections.
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