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Morse Recall Petitions Survive Constitutional Challenge

With just moments to go before the decision deadline and the launch of the holiday weekend, the Secretary of State’s office announced its opinion that the petitions triggering a recall of state Senate President John Morse are constitutional.

Debate Over Guns, Morse Recall Mired in Cyber Censorship

With just weeks to go before the tightest gun controls in the West take effect — required background checks on firearms, with performance fee paid by the buyer or seller and a ban on high-capacity magazines — Morse’s potential recall from his El Paso County District seat has made Colorado a political battleground for a nationwide debate. Much the fight taking place in cyberspace isn’t just about who gets guns, but also who’s getting heard.

Bar codes allow ballots to be traced back to voters in...

The challenges mounting on Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler's desk go beyond whether to mail ballots to residents who haven't voted in a while. He has another predicament: bar codes.
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