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Denver police ‘Beat the Crowds’ T-shirt no laughing matter, protesters charge

Protest groups are demanding Denver police halt the sale and disicpline anyone responsible for the creation of a "commemorative" DNC T-shirt distributed to officers featuring a baseball-bat wielding cop and the slogan "WE GET UP EARLY to BEAT the Crowds 2008 DNC."

DNC protests fall flat

Late last year I had the horror of watching Chicago 10 at the Denver Film Festival. The movie combines animated sequences with archival footage of the 1968 riots at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago, and it scared the hell out of me — especially with this year’s most outspoken protest group calling themselves “Recreate ’68.” But then … not a whole lot happened here Denver last week. What gives?

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VIDEO Recreate68: ‘The truce is broken. All bets are off.’

Anti-gay protesters provoked Recreate 68 and Code Pink demonstrators at a Civic Center Park permitted anti-war event Tuesday resulting in two arrests. Mark Cohen of Recreate 68 told The Colorado Independent: "We're not negotiating with the police anymore. The truce is broken. All bets are off." Read more DNC protest coverage:About 100 arrested after standoff; police spray activists, bystanders, mediaVIDEO: Police trap peaceful protesters in Denver

Video depicts Code Pink protester shoved to ground, investigation launched

A video by the Rocky Mountain News that depicts police officer shoving a Code Pink activist to the ground with a baton at a Civic Center protest on Tuesday will be investigated by Denver’s police monitor.

Food Not Bombs feeds DNC protesters

The Denver chapter of Food Not Bombs plans to feed as many as 2,000 people twice a day during the Democratic National Convention. The anti-war group set up camp yesterday morning near the west steps of the Colorado State Capitol during the Re-create 68 demonstration. Food Not Bombs volunteers provided free bagels, oatmeal and yogurt to activists.

Thanks for turning my city into a fortress

Dear Protesters, Thanks for turning my city into a fortress with your overinflated turnout projections. I love to see cops with three-and-a-half foot nightsticks, riot helmets, and tear-gas launchers surrounding every building in site. It’s fantastic.

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Recreate 68 trains DNC protesters

Organizers from the group Recreate 68 held a protester training in Civic Center Park Aug. 23 on the fine art of drum circles, legal observer skills and self-defense techniques.

Judge Puts Democratic Convention Lawsuit on ‘Fast-Track’

A U.S. District Court judge has ordered the city of Denver and the Secret Service agency to respond within 10 days to an American...

ACLU Files Suit Against Denver, Secret Service

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Colorado announced the filing of a lawsuit against the City of Denver and the U.S. Secret Service...

Denver Mayor’s Office Speaks On Police Equipment For Dem Convention

The Denver Police Department is using taxpayer money to buy new security equipment for the Democratic National Convention in August, and according to the...
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