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Wiretap: We all already live in Hillary-land, or not

Despite what everyone may think or say, Hillary Clinton isn't a sure thing to run away with the Democratic nomination in 2016. History shows it almost never happens the way it seems like it will happen.

Defund fail: A Capitol Hill strategy Colorado’s Frank McNulty can endorse

Right now U.S. Senate Republicans are strategizing on how to get Democrats to help them defund Obamacare. Observers have been calling the plan "desperate," which doesn't quite get at its quixotic nature.

TeaParty Leader Erickson: Colorado Rep. Cory Gardner a ‘Weasel’

Erick Erickson has made a name for himself and gained significant influence among conservative thought leaders and elected officials by speaking his mind with the kind of muscular frankness that has come to characterize the TeaParty political movement in general. Erickson has shaped debate on Capitol Hill, endorsed local and national candidates and launched successful fundraising campaigns to great effect.

RedState Sweating Immigration Debate: Will GOP lawmakers cave?

On Monday, Capitol Hill shuttered for a five-week recess. That means lawmaker visits to local wind-power factories, stent-maker shops, pancake joints and craft-beer pubs. It also means town halls!

Dispatch from inside the silo: RedState chides GOP lawmakers for ‘cycle...

Americans have endured with disgust a year of historic partisan gridlock in Washington, where the Republican-controlled House clashed with President Obama and the Democratic-controlled Senate on matters of economic policy, debt reduction, taxes, abortion and the environment. Poll after poll reports that citizens hate the ideological bickering and posturing which, in addition to failing to address their concerns, saw the U.S. lose its elite 70-year-old AAA credit rating. The only solution, according to National TeaParty blog RedState, is to demand Republican members of the House become even more intransigent and ideologically driven.

TSA to US soldiers: take your guns but leave those nail...

Americans have found something in politics to unite around at last. All Americans-- red state-blue state-purple state Americans-- everyone hates the Transportation Security Administration....

Right leaders driven to extremes in Ground Zero mosque debate

The Cordoba Initiative community center and Mosque proposed for Ground Zero is continuing to inflame the passions of right-wing leaders and to set them...

RedState’s Erickson blasts Norton for embracing Murkowski

Colorado U.S. Senate candidate Jane Norton is drawing heat today for casting her lot with Lisa Murkowski, Alaska's embattled Republican Senator. Murkowski is under...

Norton yet to pledge to repeal Obamacare

U.S. Senate candidate Jane Norton is feeling heat again on the right Monday. Although health care reform legislation passed Sunday, the battle against it...

RedState’s Erickson makes Buck fundraising pitch

Weld County D.A. and GOP U.S. Senate candidate Ken Buck received a key endorsement months ago from Erick Erickson, the founder of popular national...
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