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Quiet Republicans quash Colorado civil unions bill

During an emotional eight-hour hearing on same-sex civil unions at the capitol in Denver Thursday, a long list of witnesses on both sides of the issue told emotional stories of life as gay and transgender Americans. More than a few wept as they talked about shame, discrimination and systemic bias. Others quoting scripture warned of the end times the bill would surely hasten unto the Centennial State should it pass. The five committee Democrats took turns agreeing and disagreeing with witnesses, debating theology, Constitutional history and the horrors of the Jim Crow South and the Holocaust. The six members of the majority bloc Republicans on the committee, however, had little to say. They watched and listened and, without really elaborating their positions, voted as a bloc against sending the legislation to the full House for debate and a vote. They stone-cold killed the bill.

Youth advocates to propose referendum shortening adult sentences for juveniles

Advocates for youth offenders in Colorado are looking to bolster coming legislation that would raise the age where juveniles could be tried as adults by also bringing out a referendum asking voters to consider release programs for juveniles convicted of adult crimes. The proposed program would allow convicted youth to enter half-way house programs once they turn 30.

Walk Across The State On-Line

Supporters of Referendum I will be putting on their virtual walking shoes this election season, in an effort to raise money for domestic partnerships...
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