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Ethics Commission reform survives Republican ‘no’ votes

  A bill to clean up the state Independent Ethics Commission narrowly passed its first committee hearing Tuesday, despite opposition from Republicans and commission chair Bill Leone. Related:...

Wiretap: Sanders the insurrectionist vs. Clinton the reformer

Reform revolution Peter Beinart explains the real difference between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton: One is an insurrectionist and one an incrementalist. Clinton's bet is...

Watch: Colorado immigration activists kick off campaign to halt parent deportations

The groups intend to collect 30,000 signatures demonstrating support from Coloradans and to deliver the resolution and signatures demanding action to Washington and to Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper's offices.

VIDEO: Immigration reform protesters arrested in Denver

“Obama, remember we vote in November!” chanted the crowd marching for federal immigration policy reform in Downtown Denver Tuesday. Fourteen reform activists were arrested...

IREA members laud Levy bill for power to change electric co-op’s...

Member-owners of the state’s largest rural electric association praised the recent signing by Gov. Bill Ritter of a law meant to clean up REA...

Former federal, state officials ask Salazar to step up energy reforms

A group of 60 former state and federal regulators who previously oversaw energy extraction on public lands fired off a letter to Secretary of...

Congressional Democrats scramble for a Plan B

WASHINGTON-- It was meant to be a populist legislative victory that would usher Democrats straight through the 2010 midterm elections: a sweeping health care reform bill offering affordable coverage to tens of millions of uninsured Americans, while preventing insurance companies from denying coverage based on pre-existing conditions.

Then came Massachusetts.

Bill aims to improve wages, working conditions for immigrant shepherds

State Rep. Daniel Kagan, D-Denver, is proposing a bill to improve conditions for immigrant shepherds on Colorado’s Western Slope, according to the Grand Junction...

Senate passes historic, if diluted, health reform bill

WASHINGTON-- Senate Democrats on Thursday approved the best health care reform bill they could manage: a sweeping $871 billion proposal designed to extend coverage to tens of millions of uninsured Americans and slow the growth of runaway costs. It was at once a monumental achievement, which if signed into law would represent the most expansive overhaul of the nation’s dysfunctional health care system in generations, and a disappointment to many liberals who’d hoped the reforms would go further to rein in the medical-services industries most responsible for the skyrocketing expenses.

State Rep. Levy plans bill to clean up electric co-op elections

A Boulder lawmaker says she’ll introduce a bill next session aimed at cleaning up questionable campaign practices in rural electric association (REA) board elections.Claire Levy, D-Boulder, told the Colorado Independent Tuesday she is still working on a draft of the bill she’ll introduce in the upcoming legislative session in January, but she outlined the basics.