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State Rep. Levy plans bill to clean up electric co-op elections

A Boulder lawmaker says she’ll introduce a bill next session aimed at cleaning up questionable campaign practices in rural electric association (REA) board elections.Claire Levy, D-Boulder, told the Colorado Independent Tuesday she is still working on a draft of the bill she’ll introduce in the upcoming legislative session in January, but she outlined the basics.

Mountain Resorts Struggle With Labor Shortages as Immigrant Crackdown Continues

It was a quiet May Day in the mountains of Colorado, and much calmer on the immigration-rights demonstration front across much of the state...

Without Immigration Reform, ID Rules Cost Businesses

She is a Denver-area businesswoman, who has always obeyed the law regarding immigrant workers. She still does it by the book. That's why she...

Letter Reveals Real Opponents of Ethics Reform

You've gotta pay For your right To lobby! OK, so it ain't exactly Brooklyn's Beastie Boys fighting for their right to party. But the beastie boys and girls...

In the Matter of Health Care Versus Baloney

Today we talk about Andorra. We also talk about arrogance and ignorance. We talk about presumption and prevarication. We talk about protecting the privileged...

Will Campaign For Food (with poll)

For the majority of third party candidates in Colorado seeking federal offices this election cycle making a rhetorical point about taking the money out...
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