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Reader’s view: Unregulated oil and gas extraction threatens public safety and...

Ed Marston, the former publisher of High Country News, wrote the following letter to the Colorado Oil and Gas Commission. He shared it with The Colorado...

ATMOSFEAR: Scientists Find Gas Wells Leak Methane at Rapid Clip

Authors of a new study published recently in Geophysical Research Letters found that the natural-gas industry is failing to prevent significant amounts of its product from escaping into the air every day. The leaks result in a loss of millions of dollars in potential profits and raise anew questions about the true environmental benefits that come from relying increasingly on gas as an energy source.

Report: Colorado oil, gas regulators ‘inadequate,’ not enforcing rules

A new report blasts the state agency charged with regulating the oil and gas industry for failing to enforce its own rules.

Colorado Senate rejects GOP drill bill to preclude local authority over...

Colorado's Democrat-controlled Senate rejected a predominately Republican attempt Thursday to roll back the rights of cities and counties to regulate oil and gas drilling...

EPA to regulate disposal of hydraulic fracturing wastewater

Officials for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency today announced plans to draft national standards for the treatment and disposal of tainted wastewater generated during the common oil and gas drilling process called hydraulic fracturing, or fracking.

Pro-payday lawmakers attempt late-session regulations roll-back

DENVER-- The payday lending industry isn't giving up on this legislative session in Colorado. Lawmakers who have failed at several attempts to roll back regulations passed last session limiting high payday interest rates and fees are now reportedly planning to attach to a bureaucratic rule-making bill an amendment that would thin the payday regulations. The legislative session ends at midnight tomorrow.

VIDEO: Montana Rep jumps shark, calls drunk driving laws ‘job killers’

Republican lawmakers have made opposition to industry regulation a top priority, repeatedly framing public health and safety laws as "nanny state" "job killers." On Wednesday, Montana Republican Congressman Alan Hale used the GOP anti-government "job killer" line to defend drunk driving. He argued that drunk driving laws were killing "small businesses" in his state-- small businesses like taverns that make money and "create jobs" by sometimes sending people off into the night bubbly in the head and weaving down Montana roadways. In his ridiculous insincerity, Hale made a satire of GOP politics that would have made Jon Stewart proud.

Over-regulation charges persist despite third most drilling permits ever

Colorado issued the third highest number of oil and gas drilling permits in state history last year, according to Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) Director David Neslin, but oil and gas representatives continue to argue that over-regulation is strangling the industry.

McInnis offers up economic ‘roadmap’ with a few strange turns

Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott McInnis today released a seven-page “Roadmap to Revitalization,” which like most political plans is long on catch phrases and short on details. In a nutshell, the plan calls for making Colorado more pro-business by reducing regulations and holding the line on taxes.

McInnis works to paint Hickenlooper as flip-flopper at tea-party event

ESTES PARK - Speaking to a few hundred tea party activists Tuesday, Republican gubernatorial candidates Dan Maes and Scott McInnis laid out similar agendas of battling illegal immigration, cutting taxes for businesses, and making oil and gas drilling a priority again in Colorado. But as Maes targeted McInnis, it was clear McInnis was setting his sites on Democratic candidate John Hickenlooper in an attempt to paint him as a flip-flopper.
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