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Same-sex marriage cake case renews effort to legalize discrimination on religious...

Anyone who thought the 1990s culture wars in Colorado were over hasn't been following efforts by Republicans in the state House of Representatives. A...

Gordon Klingenschmitt’s failed attack on anti-discrimination law

Rep. Gordon Klingenschmitt, a Colorado Springs Republican, proposed a bill to give clergy and religious organizations the right to refuse to officiate services based...

Littwin: DougCo’s dodgy voucher plan boosts religious recruitment – not public education

The Douglas County School Board might be unhappy with the state Supreme Court ruling knocking down its dodgy voucher plan. Religious schools throughout Douglas County...

Wiretap: Obama apologizes for two Western hostages killed in drone strikes

Droning On President Obama has relied on the clean, subtle technique of killing with drones. But independent investigations have found that his administration is underestimating the...

Tea Partiers fulminate against ENDA, lead again in the House

House Speaker John Boehner has again lashed the House its minority Tea Party members and is opposing the workplace nondiscrimination act. He has adopted their unpopular position, if not their ugly, disgusted language.

Religious freedom confusions: Banning mosques and vouchers for Muslim schools

Louisiana Republican Rep. Valerie Hodges wants a do over. When she enthusiastically supported Gov. Bobby Jindal's private school voucher program this year, she had no idea Muslim schools and Christian schools would enjoy the same access to public funding.
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