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Bob Beauprez’s last eight years: Conservatism at its extremes

Bob Beauprez has wandered far from the mainstream since he ran for governor in 2006 as a mainstream Republican.

Now, GOP Rep. Mark Waller rips would-be House Krazy Klingenschmitt. Who’s...

  Former House Minority Leader Mark Waller called Gordon Klingenschmitt's anti-gay tirade against Jared Polis "hateful speech." In fact, he told Colorado Community Media that...

Desperate fight to save the republic comes to the Western Conservative...

An hour after she gave a speech calling for the impeachment of President Barack Obama, Sarah Palin was only halfway across the lobby of the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Downtown Denver, mobbed by many of the more than 3,000 attendees of the fifth annual Western Conservative Summit there. Walled-in by recording cell phones, tablets, and long-lens cameras, Palin gave an endless series of sometimes repeat hugs, smiled for the cameras, and thanked those around her for “having her back.”

Wiretap: Georgia’s ‘guns everywhere’ public-safety experiment

Some parts of the bill seem to be there just to show that they can be -- like making it legal to carry in certain parts of the airport. Hey, it's good for (the gun and bullet) business!

On the Stump: Scott Gessler, GOP candidate for governor

Listen to Scott Gessler make his pitch based on his experience in office

On the Stump: Greg Brophy, GOP gubernatorial candidate

Listen to candidate Greg Brophy tout his conservative creds on the campaign trail.

At Denver Summit, Conservatives Bone Up on Mainstream Persuasion

DENVER -- Some people don’t want to hear it, others don’t know they want to. To address mainstream-media messaging problems, the 2013 Western Conservative Summit hosted here this weekend wrapped with a trust-building and communication "boot camp" on political persuasion.

Broncos fans questioning role of religion, politics in Elway, Tebow, Orton...

Overtly religious backup Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow is the fan favorite in Denver these days over laid-back, hybrid-driving, conservation-minded starting quarterback Kyle Orton. And their hardcore Republican boss, Hall of Famer John Elway, will ultimately decide who takes the snaps.

Tancredo would be ‘happy to register as a Republican’

In an email sent to supporters Friday, former Congressman Tom Tancredo, who recently lost a third-party bid for governor, proposed a series of meetings...

GOP desire for an uncontested primary leads to trainwreck

The Republican Party calls itself a big tent. In Colorado, every square inch of tattered canvas is needed. Even then, there seem to be a few people who feel like they’ve been left out in the rain. The Colorado Independent last week called all 64 county GOP chairs in Colorado. A lot of them are not happy. At least as it relates the governor’s race; most of those we talked to think the train has run off the tracks.
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