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Retirees shoulder a $15 billion reduction in PERA liabilities

Executives are celebrating that Colorado’s state pension fund has reduced its enormous liabilities by $15 billion. Good news, right? Unless you’re a retiree, in...

MSNBC: Anti-abortion Stupak mulling retirement

So says MSNBC, which reports this morning that the anti-abortion Michigan Democrat is simply worn out from all the attention (i.e., criticism) he and...

Filling FDR’s economic shoes, Obama-style

The Great Depression permanently changed the government's role in the U.S economy, and it appears increasingly plausible that the current recession will have an equally lasting policy legacy. The bailouts orchestrated by the Bush administration have been an absolute mess, but they present an opportunity to create new consumer protection-oriented economic programs the likes of which we haven't seen since the days of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.