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IRS dallies on ruling over conservative ‘Pulpit Freedom Day’ protest

Churches egged on by the Alliance Defense Fund to violate federal law that prohibits tax-exempt churches from endorsing or opposing political candidates are still waiting to learn if their civil disobedience will matter.

Help wanted: Top evangelical lobbyist, message discipline a must

National Association of Evangelicals is in the market for a new top lobbyist, according to The Christian Post. The job description includes a very unusual qualification for a lobbying gig … sincerity:

Evangelical leader Cizik ousted for shift in same-sex marriage views

The outspoken Christian evangelical who criticized Republican John McCain as “unprincipled” and who has emerged as a leading voice calling for conservatives to devote themselves to battling global warming resigned his longtime post with the National Association of Evangelicals after a radio interview in which he said his views on same sex marriage are “shifting.”

Jay Marvin, Richard Cizik and … parasailing with Bob Schaffer

Thanks Jay Marvin, for having the Colorado Independent on your fabulous AM760 radio talk show this morning to talk about Richard Cizik, James Dobson and … unexpectedly, U.S. Senate candidate Bob Schaffer and his trip to the Marianas Islands where he said he witnessed no forced abortions. For those who missed our original Sept. 22 interview with Cizik, the influential director of governmental affairs of the 30-million-member National Association of Evangelicals, here is that link. In that interview, Cizik talks about Creation Care, presidential politics, Sarah Palin and his disappointment over John McCain’s lack of principle.

Ambulance chasing for Jesus

Egged on by the conservative Alliance Defense Fund legal firm, 33 church leaders across the country have vowed to break federal law during their sermons this Sunday, Sept. 28. The so-called “Pulpit Freedom Day” action is a call for pastors to flaunt federal law and deliver full-on endorsements of political candidates. But some religious leaders — including Richard Cizik of the 30-million-member National Association of Evangelicals, and Catholic Archbishop John Favalora of Miami — have warned pastors not to risk losing the benefits that come from tax-exempt status.

Evangelical author rallies votes for Obama in Colorado Springs

New York Times bestselling author Don Miller is the latest nationally known evangelical Christian to head into what is considered by many the heart of conservative evangelism — Colorado Springs — to deliver the message that Christians should expand their focus beyond hot-button social issues like abortion and same sex marriage.

Evangelical leader smacks McCain for lack of ‘principle’

Richard Cizik is one of the country’s most powerful and outspoken Christian evangelical leaders. He happens to be a Republican, and he has known the GOP's presidential nominee for many years. “I thought John McCain was a principled person,” Cizik says. “But John McCain has backed off, not just on climate change but on torture and a sensible tax policy — in other words, he’s not the John McCain of 2000 ... He seems to be waffling on issue after issue. “It’s not illogical for someone to conclude that John McCain is going to be more like George Bush than John McCain is going to be like John McCain in 2000.”
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