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Another over-the-top tea party message, brought to you by ALG

The petition delivered Monday by the Tea Party of Southern Colorado to the offices of U.S. Rep. John Salazar and U.S. Sens Mark Udall and Michael Bennet was a garbled screed signed by nearly 300 people. In the section reprinted by the Pueblo Chieftain, the petition warns of future "enslavement" and "forced submission" and "dictatorial bureaucracy." There are a few commas but there isn't a period to be found in any of that bit. The signatories are seeking to encourage their lawmakers to oppose health reform legislation, but 66-year-old Jerry Denney, the author of the petition, says it's not about health care; it's about socialism. "This health care bill isn't about health care. It's about the destruction of the constitutional republic we've lived in for the past 200 or so years."