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Littwin: Ted Cruz’s humanitarian crisis

  TED Cruz nearly had me. I went to see the Texas senator at the Western Conservative Summit because I have a soft spot for...

Wiretap: Perry shows up for Obama, border talk

  President Obama left the Denver fundraiser, where Mark Udall was a no-show, for Dallas, where the real action was. Conservatives wanted Obama...

Wiretap: Mainstream GOPers see White House conspiracy in child border crossings

“I mean, how do you move that many people from Central America across Mexico and into the United States without there being a fairly coördinated effort?”

Wiretap: Fracking bans are contagious

Waiting on state legislatures or Congress to stiffen oil-and-gas drilling rules is like waiting for Godot. Nothing happens.

Wiretap: Republican immigration ‘strategery’ grows more tragi-comic

From Florida comes a peek at the kind of wriggling strategery we can expect from the Republican Party on immigration reform over the next, what, decade or so? Dreamers there won a comically hedging boost this week. Meantime, in Texas...

Littwin: Jeb’s ‘act of love’ roils Tanc’s toxic GOP

The big question in Republican circles is what exactly Jeb Bush was trying to accomplish with his "act of love" speech the other day.

Texas legislator asks Perry to reimburse state for campaign expenditures

The head of the Texas House chamber’s Democratic Caucus is calling on former presidential contender Gov. Rick Perry to reimburse state taxpayers for millions of dollars spent while campaigning for a shot at the White House. In a hand delivered letter addressed to Perry today, Rep. Jessica Farrar (D-Houston) requests the governor return the $2.6 million incurred in travel expenses during the GOP primary race, as well as the more than $92,000 in retirement pension he received last year, despite not having retired, as Farrar notes.

Abortion rights, Planned Parenthood attacked at GOP presidential forum

The anti-abortion group Personhood USA hosted a presidential candidate forum this week in Greenville, S.C., to discuss the legality of abortion, defunding Planned Parenthood and passing legislation to define human life as beginning at the moment of conception.

TPM plays Perry off stage with excruciating video compilation

In 20 years of Texas politics, Rick Perry had never lost an election, a fact you would never guess watching his campaign for president spectacularly flameout over the last six months, from stump speech to stump speech, television appearance to television appearance. TPM has made a painfully hilarious video tribute to the Perry candidacy it calls "The Texas Governor Massacre."

Perry exit planned to boost anti-Romney Gingrich vote

Texas Governor Rick Perry will end his limping bid for the presidency with an announcement scheduled this morning, just two days before voters go to the polls in the crucial South Carolina Republican primary. The timing is aimed to boost support for Newt Gingrich, whose popularity among voters has been climbing again after he unleashed a barrage of attacks on Romney over the last two weeks, painting him as an arch job-killing vulture capitalist, and after Romney declined to appear last night at an anti-abortion forum in Greenville.
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