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Romney’s shaky record on abortion draws attack from left and right

As Saturday's South Carolina primary voting draws close, presidential candidate Mitt Romney is being savaged on the right for his shifting stance on abortion, just as he was savaged months ago on the left for his shifting stance on abortion.

Perry’s blustery blundering on Turkey stirs diplomatic flap

Texas Governor Rick Perry's presidential candidacy is on its last legs in South Carolina. Today, the gaffe-prone candidate suggested he thought U.S. ally Turkey was governed by terrorists and said he would cut all foreign aid to the country if he were president, even though Turkey receives no foreign aid from the United States.

Perry’s Iowa flameout elicits whimper of response from Colorado team

Like a tumbleweed loosed in a storm, Texas Governor Rick Perry drifted out of Iowa after his humiliating fifth-place finish in the state's first-in-the-nation presidential caucuses last night. To the dismay of Tea Party conservatives, Perry returned to the Lone Star state to reflect on whether or not he should continue his bid for the White House. News breaking on Twitter an hour ago, however, is that the campaign will continue, pinning its hopes on South Carolina's January 21 primary. The Chair of the Perry campaign in Colorado, U.S. 6th District Congressman Mike Coffman, has yet to comment on the Perry loss, the plan going forward, or on the meaning for Colorado Republicans of last night's historic Mitt Romney-Rick Santorum caucus-race photo-finish.

Tea Party conservatives brace for disappointment in Iowa

In 1996, Republican presidential candidate Steve Forbes failed to wow Iowa caucus goers, placing fourth behind rivals Bob Dole, Pat Buchanan and Lamar Alexander. He's trying to woo them all over again this year, however, as a supporter of Texas Governor Rick Perry. He sent an email plea Monday on behalf of the Perry campaign that struck the desperate tone that has come to mark the contest in Iowa over the last month as Mitt Romney, who Tea Party conservatives love to hate, has chugged along consistently amid the mostly erratic rising and falling popularity of each one of his competitors.

FEC asked to investigate Perry campaign

Campaign watchdog groups are asking the Federal Election Commission to investigate Texas Governor and Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry’s campaign committee, web site (RickPerry.org) and pro-Perry Super PAC “Make Us Great Again” for possible violations of campaign finance law.

VIDEO: National Christmas tree to come from Colorado next year

Many of us probably don't have this year's Christmas tree picked out yet, but it has already been announced where the 2012 Capitol tree is coming from--and it's coming from Colorado.

DOJ: AZ Sheriff Arpaio has shown disregard for Constitution

A federal report released Thursday finds that Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Ariz., an advocate for controversial immigration enforcement and detention measures, has committed a “wide range of civil rights violations.”

VIDEO: Coffman called to answer for Perry’s anti-gay ad

For Rep. Mike Coffman, R-CD6, signing on as Texas Governor and Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry's Colorado chairman probably seemed like a smart move back when Perry went from announcing he was running to being the front-runner in a matter of hours. Today, maybe not so much.

Gingrich up big in Colorado while Perry fades to 4 percent

A poll released today by Public Policy Polling shows Newt Gingrich with a commanding lead over Mitt Romney in Colorado. The poll shows Gingrich up 37-18 over Romney. Michele Bachmann is third with 9 percent and Ron Paul comes in at 6 percent. It wasn't that long ago that Texas Governor Rick Perry was thought to be leading in Colorado, but according to this poll he is down to 4 percent.

Perry looks to beef up anti-immigration cred with backing of Arizona...

GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry, who has been called “weak” by immigration enforcement supporters, has picked up the support of Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, notorious for his immigration detention measures and his birther conspiracy theories.
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