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Littwin: Colorado GOP, with a bad case of recall fever, picks...

I didn’t know how things could possibly get worse for Colorado Republicans after their disastrous showing in the 2018 midterms, but I guess I...

Mutiny: Colorado GOP Chairman Steve House burns – but does not...

Colorado GOP Chairman Steve House played the transparency trump card last evening, outing three high-level members of the Party and former supporters who he says tried to extort him. Tuesday was tindered with rumors that House had been strong-armed by the no-compromise wing of the party, that he was resigning, that he may have tripped over his family values, etc. His evening letter struck like a match.

Colorado’s top five stand-your-ground Republicans whose votes defied GOP leadership

They voted against reforming police training and transparency. They voted against a pricey flood-and-fire-prevention system. They voted against expanding public services for kids with autism....

‘Gun grabbers’ rhetoric never to fade at Colorado capitol, because it...

Rough-and-tumble "no compromise" Rocky Mountain Gun Owners is a major player in Colorado politics, mainly due to the way it pressures Republican lawmakers from...

Rocky Mountain Gun Owners vs. small town library?

It's shaping up to be a small town showdown straight out of an old West tail: gun-rights group Rocky Mountain Gun Owners is threatening to wage a legal battle on it's own turf against the Clearview Library District in Windsor, where RMGO is also based.

Everytown gun control group wins at Chipotle

A weekend of tweets later, Denver-based burrito chain Chipotle asks customers not to bring guns into their restaurants after members of Open Carry Texas entered a Dallas franchise with assault rifles and posted it to Facebook.

Three GOP congressional districts will have primary races

The 4th CD race will feature at least three candidates seeking to replace Cory Gardner, while two incumbents face challenges in the June 24 primary

Suspicions of Marshall-Neville link unlikely to be eased by Neville denial

Tim Neville may wish that his mere claim that a story is false is sufficient to demonstrate that a story is in fact false. That is not the case.

Wiretap: Bad Ideas Inc. wants Colorado to host more recall elections

The Washington Post reports on gun control groups meeting here in Denver to figure out what to do about the Democratic state senators who were recalled for their gun votes. One plan, it seems, would be to try some recalls of their own.

Sunlight Foundation tries its hand at hopelessly tangled Colorado recall election...

Today brings more evidence that it is nearly impossible to tally how much money was spent and by whom and where it all went.
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