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With civil unions blog post, Mitchell points finger at lawmakers who...

Conservative state Senator Shawn Mitchell voted against the same-sex civil unions bill introduced this legislative session in Colorado, and there was nothing surprising about that. He did surprise, however, with his silence on the chamber floor during debate and with his absence in the media coverage around the bill. Turns out Mitchell, a high-profile opponent of gay rights in the past but also a strong libertarian and no prude, was waffling.

Former Colorado Republican legislator Rob Witwer says yes to civil unions

Rob Witwer, a former state Representative and today's Republican appointee to redraw the redistricting lines for the Legislature, has published an editorial detailing his support for civil unions.

McNulty chooses former Owens redistricting counsel to redraw legislative districts

Speaker of the House Frank McNulty appointed former Republican legislator Rob Witwer to the Colorado Reapportionment Commission on Monday. Said to be a man who can put partisanship aside by McNulty, the former state legislator will not be experiencing the redrawing of state lines for the first time.

Colorado Election Day smackdown: Tea Party enthusiasm versus progressive infrastructure

Republicans expect this year's Tea Party enthusiasm to translate to enormous victories for the GOP tonight. Yet evidence on the ground seems to be confirming what some political analysts have been saying for a while: that Tea Party enthusiasm is no substitute for well-organized political movement infrastructure. The fact that the U.S. Senate race in Colorado pitting Tea Party GOP candidate Ken Buck against unloved Democrat Michael Bennet is so close down the stretch speaks volumes, according to longtime Republican Party strategist Ford O'Connell.
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