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As Colorado Democrats focus on regaining the House, HD 29 is...

In November 2010, political junkies in Colorado anxiously awaited results of the nail-biter race for House District 29, waiting days before election workers could confidently announce that Republican Robert Ramirez beat incumbent Democrat Debbie Benefield by 197 votes, giving the GOP a one-seat majority and control of the House.

Bigfooting, boozing, tweeting: A progressive Colorado legislative scorecard

DENVER — Colorado's 2012 Legislature may not have achieved greatness. It may not have risen above partisan divide to solve complex problems and unify a state. It may not have addressed the state's economic malaise or found a way to reliably fund education for the long term.

Undocumented students lose in-state tuition vote, but new bill may rise...

Colorado's ASSET bill died in committee Monday as every Republican, including Robert Ramirez, voted no. Ramirez said he will work with Democrats to bring a bill next year that is more acceptable to conservatives.
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