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Elbert County Commissioner leaves GOP, calls it “corrupt”

Elbert County Commissioner Robert Rowland announced late Thursday that he is resigning from the Republican Party and becoming an unaffiliated voter. Rowland’s decision was...

Elbert County’s embattled Tea Party commissioner won’t run again

  Love him or hate him, voters won’t have the chance to re-elect Elbert County Tea Party member and commissioner Robert Rowland next November. He said...

Elbert County taxpayers foot big bill for government corruption

Corruption in Elbert County is starting to cost taxpayers there a lot of money -- all over a $1,000 fine that a commissioner refuses...

State Supreme Court weighs Colorado Ethics Commission’s secrecy

The Colorado Supreme Court now has two cases before it that could either affirm or weaken the authority of the Colorado Independent Ethics Commission...

‘Amycare’ speeds through House, supporters threatened with recall

SB 200, Colorado's health insurance exchange bill, christened "Amycare" after House sponsor Amy Stephens by its detractors, was rushed through committee in a two-day sprint that ended with it exiting the house on a 44-21 vote. The bill's passage came under threats of recalls for Republicans voting for the bill.
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