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Rocky Mountain Independent, online magazine experiment, folds

Weeks-long rumors of the end of the Rocky Mountain Independent journalism experiment have been confirmed. On Thursday evening the three-month-old website announced to subscribers...

News Nuggets: 23 July 2009

Dug up fresh, daily. GUNS AND GAYNESS: CNN has done something really right. Its show, Freshman Year, available on the web is something like a...

Rocky Mountain Independent, day three: Of prices and prizes

The interface is clean and user friendly. The features still deadly undaring. The most interesting product on offer may be the RMI contributor-journals. For...

The online Rocky Mountain Independent smells like a dead tree

The Rocky Mountain Independent launched today. The online offspring of former Rocky Mountain News editors and writers, the site follows from the In Denver...

After the bilious newspaper tribe dies, journalism will thrive

A few months after the demise of the Rocky Mountain News, another western paper bites the dust. Last week, Gannet shuttered the Tucson Citizen, which hobbled along under bad management for years. The Citizen's closing edition has already become an ignominious artifact of the end of the newspaper era, mostly for the classy middle-finger salute it raised to the Internet and online journalism:
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