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Trump’s next Interior secretary expected to push energy extraction in Colorado...

WASHINGTON – The Colorado native poised to become the next secretary of the U.S. Interior Department could bring more energy development to the state’s...

Chasing Light: Rocky Mountain National Park

A long day chasing mountain scientists around Rocky Mountain National Park yielded a handful of decent images, but it's hard to take a bad...

Colorado won’t get back $218K it spent to run Rocky Mountain...

Colorado laid out $362,700 to guarantee Rocky Mountain National Park would stay open for ten days after October 11. That was a donation not a loan, say government sources. The state is not getting that money back.

The government shutdown killed ‘elktober’

The gathering, trumpeting, head butting in Rocky Mountain National Park will go on without spectators this year. The same kind of show in Washington is drawing lots of attention.

National parks are big business in Colorado, new report says

According to a report released Tuesday by the National Park Service, Colorado's national parks received more than 5.6 million visits in 2010 generating just under $293 million in spending and accounting for 6366 jobs in the state.

Three Colorado conservation projects announced

Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar today joined Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper at the ribbon-cutting for the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center to announce that they will partner together to advance three conservation initiatives in Colorado as part of President Obama’s America’s Great Outdoors Initiative.

McCain, Udall to hold climate-change hearing in Estes Park Monday

Democratic Sen. Mark Udall of Colorado and Republican Sen. John McCain of Arizona continue their odd-bed-fellows magical mystery tour over the August congressional break...

Obama signs omnibus lands bill with nod to Colorado, Bennet

Politicians and environmentalists alike Monday were quick to sing the praises of the Omnibus Public Land Management Act of 2009, which President Obama signed into law Monday afternoon at a White House ceremony. On MSNBC, Newsweek’s Jonathan Alter told anchor Contessa Brewer that Obama was going to great lengths to highlight the importance of the law to Colorado because the White House can't allow Colorado’s other Senate seat, held by Democrat Michael Bennet, to be lost in 2010. Bennet was appointed by Gov. Bill Ritter to fill the seat of Ken Salazar, whom Obama appointed as his Interior Secretary.

House has another shot at passing Omnibus Land Management Act

The U.S. House gets a second crack at passing the Omnibus Public Land Management Act this week, possibly as early as Wednesday, with only a simple majority needed to designate more than 2 million acres of wilderness in nine states, including Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado.

Wildlife group: Cull elk at national park with wolves, not sharpshooters

An environmental group called on the Department of the Interior to cease fire on a plan to use volunteer sharpshooters to reduce elk herds in Rocky Mountain National Park, instead urging officials to release wolves into the park "as part of the long-term solution to the elk over-browsing problem."